Action Items

Being impactful—producing real solutions for AI in legal services—is a core pillar of RAILS. We hope participants will lean in and actively contribute to moving our mission forward. The responsible use of AI to advance the practice of law and delivery of legal services to all will take the collective efforts of our dedicated participants taking up an oar and rowing together.

By volunteering your time and talents, you have an opportunity to directly shape the future of AI in legal services for the benefit of both lawyers and the clients they serve. Here we keep an up-to-date list of ACTION ITEMS you can take.



If you’re not already registered as a participant, please sign up now. 

Track 1: Build the RAILS Network

We invite you to:

A core pillar of RAILS is inclusivity. As we build the RAILS network, please help us give voice to all major stakeholders, and especially those who might be underrepresented.

Track 2: Join a Working Group

While there are innumerable practical issues to tackle regarding AI in legal services, we will kick off our RAILS WORKING GROUPS by diving deep into current priority areas:

  • WORKING GROUP 1 (WG1) – Client Engagement – How do we engage with clients and their data to unlock AI opportunities while maintaining trust, transparency, and confidence?
  • WORKING GROUP 2 (WG2) – Courtroom Admissibility – What standards and rules are needed to demonstrate reliability of AI-generated artifacts as evidence?
  • WORKING GROUP 3 (WG3) – Duties for AI-intermediated Legal Services – What trust models and duties are needed for AI systems to deliver legal services and information directly to consumers?

We invite participants to join and/or co-chair working groups. Together, through discussion and research, we will develop best practices, standards, questions for policymakers, open letters, draft commentaries, model rules, draft voluntary guidelines, or whatever might be most appropriate and impactful in the particular domain.

Our goal is to produce tangible, impactful results that move the needle on priorities requiring a diversity of perspectives. We hope you’ll add your voice and ideas to this effort.

Sign up here, completing this form once for each group in which you wish to actively participate.

Track 3: Propose Additional Focus Areas

While our existing RAILS Working Groups tackle urgent issues on AI in legal services, there are many other areas ripe for constructive exploration. We invite you to propose additional RAILS Working Groups to take on other high-impact topics requiring multi-stakeholder perspectives.


  • Proposed RAILS Working Groups should have clearly defined goals and outcomes that can realistically be advanced through volunteer efforts. RAILS will help resource and facilitate the work of each RAILS Working Group that is moved from proposed to active.
  • Just as with our initial working groups, the success of new working groups depends on motivated participants leaning in to do the work. We hope you’ll bring your expertise and energy to push the boundaries of what we can accomplish together. Progress won’t happen without you – so please propose and participate!

If you have a topic about which you’re passionate to drive progress, let us know if you would be interested co-chairing the working group too. We welcome ideas that further the responsible and ethical integration of AI in legal services broadly.

Please submit your idea here.

Track 4: Engage with Communications & Resources

Special Committee – We’re seeking volunteers to serve on a short-term Special Committee on Communications & Resources. Special Committee members will work virtually with RAILS staff to provide quick feedback on RAILS communications (newsletter, website, etc.), advice on the infrastructure and substance of RAILS resources, and big ideas to address the diverse needs of RAILS participants. Read the Committee’s Charge. Please email us at if this is of interest to you. 

Seeking Consultant: Network Growth and Scaling FacilitatorWe are searching for a part-time (~15 hours/week) paid Network Growth and Scaling Facilitator to join our team remotely as a consultant to increase capacity for building and scaling RAILS. Read the job description here. Please share with your networks and let us know if you have good candidates in mind!

Future Plans


In-person and virtual gatherings will foster ongoing collaboration while expanding our RAILS community. We aim to engage adjacent conferences in 2024 to recruit new perspectives. Later this year, we intend to host our own RAILS conference. We have only scratched the surface of what’s possible.

Structure of RAILS

As involvement grows, determining the optimal structure for RAILS will ensure continued delivery on our mission. We will be evaluating organizational formats, staffing, membership models, publication processes, and the overall permanent RAILS governing body needed to support ethical integration of AI in law.

Evolving prudently while preserving a diversity of views will position RAILS for the greatest impact over the long-term. We welcome your perspectives on how best to organize for meaningful progress in line with our principles.

The ultimate goal is not meetings or structure – but there are means to an end of responsibly advancing AI to expand access to legal services. We ask you to share suggestions on how to nurture collaboration while driving outcomes that matter. Please send thoughts on gatherings or structure to We look forward to charting the future course together!