AI is here. Now. 

And it’s being incorporated into legal and legal-adjacent services. 

Is legal ready? To expand access to services? To bolster the insights clients desire? To ensure integrity?

Despite the front-page news stories and widespread hype, there are no workable best practices for client engagement letters, few practical standards for use of client data, a dearth of clear decisions on privilege, a lack of specificity on potential opportunities and harms, etc. 

RAILS aims to move AI forward while keeping the integrity of legal services on track.

Become a RAILS participant for free as we build a diverse community to foster responsible AI innovation in legal services. 

Current Status

After a guided planning process in 2023 (many thanks to our Initial Steering Committee), and an early 2024 launch phase, we are currently launching initial working groups and projects. Read our January 2024 press release.

We invite and openly include a broad range of stakeholders to participate in RAILS. Read our participation policies and apply here. 

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Updated June 10, 2024